Enables B2B Sales teams to configure and price Extended-Services quotes that are:

Account-focused, (i.e. configured for specific contractee)

Adaptive, (i.e. revisable and renewable)

Fixed-price, (e.g. $1,000/month)

Entitlement-based, (e.g. contractor provides tech tel support)

Bundled portfolio of solutions, (e.g. component repairs, testing)

Engaged in sustaining the, (i.e. continuous support)

Employability of a, (i.e. availability to meet design requirements)

Machine asset (e.g. forklift reflected upon a balance sheet)

During a defined-period of its lifespan (e.g. 5-yrs of 15-yrs life)

Value Proposition To Subscribers

Ability of sales team to quote a customized solution for a buyer

# of quotes generated per sales team member

Speed of new sales team members learning curve

Win rate driven by the speed of quote creation resulting from pre-approved configuration options

Profits resulting from properly priced quote

Opportunity to up-sell services; more activities & longer periods

Leadership’s assurance that their marketing
strategy is tactically executed by the sales team

Accuracy of recurring-revenue driven balance sheet accruals and reserves

Employs a robust scenario-based Configure and Price model.

Rapid time-to-use; default values exist for every data element.
Ease-of-use; all outputs are graphically displayed.

Ease of customizing inputs and outputs.

Data normalization; enter data sets only once.

Subject Matter Experts assisting in each project initialization.

All outputs are time-phased.

Elements driving the tool have all been tested in the
“real world” during the last 35 years.